We are currently finalizing the construction of our outdoor kitchen.  It is 20' X 24' with 12'X 20' enclosed with screen wire and lattice board.  The brick floor was laid without the use of concrete.  In the center is the symbol of the 5 Log Women's Cooking Fire.  This was laid by Dr. Robert Pullen and Citizen Robert Costa.  When finished, we will have a double sink and a single food prep sink, all donated on one side, a propane gas 4 burner with oven stove all on counters that have been donated.  Hopefully we will be able to prepare our first meal there for Berry and Arbor Busk.  We still have material needs, such as lumber and braces for the counters, tables and chairs for the kitchen and outside dining area.

Looking forward to having many celebrations and Busk activities here on the Grounds.


We held our Berry and Arbor Busk  on April  11 & 12.  The attendance was very good.  We were able to have  our feast with plenty of room

in our new Outdoor Kitchen.  We have a fully functional kitchen with a propane gas stove, a large refrigerator and plenty of counter space with a double sink.  

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